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Bringing Land Developers & Investors Together

To Create Fast and Efficient Deals

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We understand that Land Developers need to be able to obtain short-term loans and that Investors who understand the real estate market would like to invest locally, but aren't able to find the right projects. Finpedient makes it easy for Land Developers and Investors to do business directly and transparently, all in one place.

We're Revolutionizing Underwriting for Land Development

We're changing the world for the better, one deal at a time. By managing the workflow, processes and financial aspects of each development project from inception until completion

At Your Service

Qualified Marketplace

Developers list projects for viewing by financially qualified investors

Viability Assessment

Investors view listed projects with city approval status and standardized financial metrics

Invest with Confidence

We handle the drawdown and repayment, in collaboration with a lender-chosen Payment Certifier, to ensure proper flow of funds

We're Just Getting Started Here!

We're looking for innovative developers, investers and strategic business partners who want to be among the first to market

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